Lesson 4 In-Class Discussion

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #1

This thread contains the in-class discussion from Lesson 4. The Wiki links have been moved to this new thread. Please ask any questions about lesson 4 in the new wiki thread.

Running IMDB notebook under 10 minutes
Office hours 11/20 at 5:30pm
(James Dietle) #2

i can hear and see


yes. perfect

(Reshama Shaikh) #4

I can hear and see.

(Brian Muhia) #5

Ready for this

(Sanyam Bhutani) #6

Live Stream is working perfectly

(Maureen Metzger) #7



(Brendan Herger) #8

Are the links he’s showing at the beginning posted anywhere?

(Brian Holland) #9

Link for Vitaly’s Article.

(Maureen Metzger) #10

@hergertarian, not yet, he’ll probably post up top after class?

(Kevin Bird) #11

anybody can actually put them up top since it’s a wiki.

(James Requa) #12

All the blog posts are found in this thread

(James Dietle) #13

is there a plugin showing those nice green completion bars in Jeremy’s notebook?

(Sanyam Bhutani) #14

It happens by default for me in the AWS AMI.

(Kevin Bird) #15

What is ps = 0.5?

(ecdrid) #16


(Tom Grek) #17

“Throw away” --> set activation to zero? (Or to NaN, null, undefined… and handle it in some special way?)

(Stathis Fotiadis) #18

What does dropping a unit mean? Set it’s activation to 0? What happens in the back propagation step? Does the unit get it’s weights updated?

(satish) #19

It’s a percentage for drop out

(Hiromi Suenaga) #20

If you drop some of the activations, would their weights get updated at the end of the mini batch?