Lesson 3-planet: label_delim issue

Hi all,

I currently studying the data block API from the lesson 3 planet notebook. I see that we are trying to split the labels of the image.

However, when using the .label_from_df(label_delim=’ ') I got complain that

init() got an unexpected keyword argument 'label_delim’

As I went to documentation of data block API, it seems to me that label_from_df() doesn’t take argument label_delim

label_from_df [source]

label_from_df ( cols : IntsOrStrs = 1 , **** kwargs** )

For the factory create method ImageDatabunch.from_csv(), we do have label_delim argument.
I am wondering this means that when using data block API, we have to manually split the labels, then create new csv file that pass back to the function.

Thanks for your help

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I get this error too. Did anyone find a solution?

So, I just figured it out. A simple update did the trick.

conda update -c fastai fastai