Lesson 3 In-Class Discussion

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The live stream has not started yet right? Or is it just me

Not for an hour.

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Had a doubt regarding creating a submission file for Kaggle. The competition page says :

Submissions are evaluated on **Multi Class Log Loss** between the predicted probability and the observed target.


Just wondering when did we apply this formula in our model? And how could we change our code if they required some other log loss other than multi class?


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when will the stream start?

The loss criteria gets chosen by virtue of the data in fastai as assigned to self.crit below:


class ConvLearner(Learner):
    def __init__(self, data, models, precompute=False, **kwargs):
        self.precompute = False
        super().__init__(data, models, **kwargs)
        self.crit = F.binary_cross_entropy if data.is_multi else F.nll_loss
        if data.is_reg: self.crit = F.l1_loss

binary_cross_entropy, nll_loss and l1_loss can be looked up here: http://pytorch.org/docs/master/nn.html


Looks like live stream has not started, please let me know if there is another link to live stream

It’s due in 15 mins. (6:30 PM PST, 8 AM IST)

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Not started yet.

The live stream is still offline?

Yes, It’s.

Its offline for me still

Correct url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VpaKaMyjqI


Thanks, Ankit!

Thank you

It has been updated in the wiki above.

what is the environment file?

@jeremy Could we get the rest of the links you presented in the beginning please?

@jeremy Can you please share all the blog links here in the wiki section that you just showed in the class?