Lesson 3- code inquiry

What is the significance of the middle code line starting with “ims”?

We already have a list called ims with 150 image so why didn’t we just call ims[0] to get the first elemet in the list?I tried and it didn’t work .I found that this line also didn’t exist in the lecture video.

I just answered a similar question yesterday in another thread. Please check it out here.

I wouldn’t worry much about the cell starting with #hide. My guess is that the purpose of this line of code is to make sure this specific image is downloaded and displayed in the book.

So as you correctly suggested, you should be able skip this line and simply display the first image from your list of urls, i.e. ims[0]. It can be that the Bing API sometimes returns a damaged link, so you can try different indices and see what it returns, i.e. ims[1], ims[2], etc.