Lesson 2 Excel slope arguments reversed?

Hi all! Loving the new course, thanks so much for this! :slight_smile:

As I was trying to recreate the Excel sheet that Jeremy uses to explain p values and it seems like the arguments for the slope function were accidentally reversed. I tried to find if this was already addressed but couldn’t so far. I’m no statistical or excel expert so apologies if this is a useless observation…

In the second tab where Jeremy is comparing slope values of a handful of randomly created datasets the slope function seems to get the arguments reversed (x, y instead of y, x). The little plot actually shows a different slope value than the cell. When I change this to the way I thought it should be filled in I’m actually getting very small slope values for the randomly created data (whereas with the arguments flipped I get similar numbers as Jeremy).

Then when the slope is calculated for the 3000 number dataset the arguments seem to be actually flipped back to the right way (y, x) and we see a very small slope value.

If I’m understanding this correctly getting small slope values on the random data would actually mean that the original plot does show a relationship right?

Can anybody explain if I am missing something? Again, apologies if I’m getting this all backward. :innocent: