Lesson 2 Errors: FileDeleter and 'defaults" attribute


Just started the course today and encountered two errors:

  1. FileDeleter

    It turns out that it is removed: Lesson 2: further discussion ✅

  2. Module ‘fastai’ has no attribute ‘defaults’

I am following the course using paperspace.


Hey All

I’m getting the second error as well while following the course on Kaggle.

Hi I am getting below error while working on lesson -2

Any idea?

Regarding the second issue:

I just started this course and I’m not sure if this is correct, but I did some digging and found that there is a default package with a device attribute in fastai.basics, so maybe you just have to change the line to:

fastai.basics.defaults.device = torch.device('cpu')


thonks, it works!

Thanks for the help. The changes worked for me on Kaggle.