Lesson 13: Value Error Style-Transfer.ipynb

While running style-transfer.ipynb, I am getting the following error.

ValueError: Floating point image RGB values must be in the 0..1 range.

Here’s the screenshot:

Looking at the code from the Lesson 13 video, it is interesting that @jeremy’s notebook issued a warning on the same cell, as can be seen here:

I noticed a similar question posted in regards to the Lesson 8 (2017) by @thiago. He mentions getting the notebook to run by changing a range from (-2.5 - 2.5) to( 0 - 1000). However, I do not see any analogous code block in this notebook.

Update: At some point it hit me that this error could be addressed by changing negative numbers to zero and numbers greater than one to one, in the numpy array x. But to get things working as fast as possible, I just commented out the offending lines.