Lesson 13 in-class

Looking forward to your questions!

I’m assuming the stream will go live soon?

Has the live stream address changed or just not live yet?

its up now. can hear and see

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@even @samwit Jeremy has started using the microphone. Can you hear him now?

seems there is a slight echo

able to see it

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All good now

I still can’t connect. Can somebody post the link you are using again?

It’s not showing as active for me.

Actually it works for me now.

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Would someone please be able to post the link to live stream? Thanks

Can someone please post the link? Thanks.


Seems to be working now. Perhaps the livestream can launch early in the future since it seems there’s some delay on google’s end notifying people about it.

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Could you post link for Chris Manning’s deep learning for NLP class?

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Here is the link to the Chris Manning talk that Jeremy is sharing slides from: https://simons.berkeley.edu/talks/christopher-manning-2017-3-27


To clarify: in this case, instead of creating one condensed representation vector that captures the entire English sentence, here are we just looking at the existing hidden states that get generated as the English sentence is processed word-by-word?

would attention models be applicable to images? If yes would non-overlapping patches be equivalent to words?