Lesson 10 assignments

Here’s some ideas for assignments:

  • As per usual, read through the papers and make sure you understand them
  • Download and train a model using the full imagenet 1000k dataset
  • Try improving one of your extra generative models by adding WGAN on top of it
  • Use WGAN to create a generative model from any earlier paper, such as colorization, 3d view changing, noise removal, depth prediction, etc

In addition, next week we’ll be taking a look at mean shift clustering. So if you’re interested, see if you can implement it yourself in tensorflow or pytorch.

Post below with any questions, comments, or ideas.

What are we going to do with mean shift clustering?

I’ll show you in class… :slight_smile:

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Can’t get wgan-pytorch notebook to run on my box (used to run on AWS P2 instance just fine). @jeremy helped me debug the DCGAN notebook which does work properly now - suggesting the issue might be with pytorch for the wgan. Installed using the packages using instructions from pytorch.org, so not sure what issue might be. Googled for answer but did not find a solution specific to my setup :frowning:

Error copied below. Appreciate any suggestions. cc: @rachel

In case anyone else has this problem, I will direct them to this PyTorch discussion: