Lesson 1 - Tooltip with "Shift Tab" does not work for me

In the notebook, in a code cell, when I press “Shift Tab” a “less identation” command is executed rather than the expected popup of the tooltip window.

I probably traced my problem down to a conflicting key mapping

Mapping 1: “tooltip:launch-console”: { “keys”: { “default”: [“Shift Tab”] },
Mapping 2: codemirror: ‘Shift-Tab’: ‘indentLess’,
Technical details of the mapping in source: https://github.com/jupyterlab/jupyterlab/issues/4803

So I seem to know the cause of the problem, but I still do not know how to fix the problem
since I am not that familiar with Jupyter. In fact, I am a Jupyter-Newbie.

Is my analysis correct?
If so, any (step by step) advice how to fix the problem is appreciated.


got the same problem in kaggle. if you fixed it could you tell me? :slight_smile: