Lesson 1 official resources and updates ✅

Lesson 1 - Welcome and Image Recognition

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Lesson resources

Other resources

How to scrape images

Video Timeline

Detailed video timeline - thanks to @melonkernel

Resources: Lesson 2 >>>


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You will find a new download_images.ipynb in your nbs folder after you git pull. It shows how to download a dataset for training a model of your own. Many thanks to @lesscomfortable for his help on building this.

Note that this requires the latest fastai, just released today. To get it, go to http://course-v3.fast.ai/ , click ‘returning to work’ in the sidebar, and follow the instructions. Generally, they will be somelike like:

  • Click New->Terminal in Jupyter, then type:
  • conda update conda
  • conda install -c fastai fastai


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Note that after you conda update and git pull, you’ll find that there’s been one change to fastai - ConvLearner is now called create_cnn. You’ll need to make that change in any notebooks that you’ve created too.


There are now 2 sets of course notes kindly created by students - both added to the top post of this thread.