Lesson 1 notebook warning: This notebook will only work with fastai-0.7.x

Hi, I followed Reshama Shaikh’s directions to setup Part1 Jupytor notebook exactly, however when I opened lesson1.ipynb, I got the following warning:

Important: This notebook will only work with fastai-0.7.x. Do not try to run any fastai-1.x code from this path in the repository because it will load fastai-0.7.x

As a newbie, I don’t know which fastai version got installed on my machine. Digging around the forums, it seems that version 1 gets installed by default. So I am not sure how to proceed at this point. I was hoping that the instructions for newbies like me would be dead simple - but they are not :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Naresh,

The current v2 of the course only works with fastai-0.7. In the git repository there are instructions on how to install the older version but at this point, you may want to just wait as the new (v3) course will be coming out very soon.

New course update:

.7 instructions:

Thanks for the update, @sariabod. Will wait for course v3.