Lesson 1 Issue With vvg16 import

Hi guys!

I’m on a windows machine, and I’m trying to follow along with lesson 1 without an AWS instance because I have an nvidia GTX 1080 within my current machine.

To my knowledge I installed the correct files, but can’t seem to get the vvg16 import to work in Jupyter notebooks. Could you guys help me figure out the problem. I’m so confused, and really new to machine learning.

This is the error I get when I’m inside of the practice Jupyter notebook for lesson 1:

This is a picture of the directory I’ve added the util and other files to:

I’m excited to understand more about machine learning, if anything. The concept is so powerful, but it sucks when you can’t practically make the material work.

Thank you for creating this course by the way :slight_smile: It’s super awesome!

Support for this question may be long gone as this notebook is from part1 version1 of the course. That course used Python 2.7 and Theano as the underlying framework. Theano is pretty much dead and version2 of the course uses Python 3.6. I suggest looking at this thread for version 2 of part 1

Bless your soul, I’ll start version 2 probably next weekend. I was looking through and I didn’t see a setup video. Is the configuration the same from version 1?

setup is a bit different. since it looks like you are running windows, you can try using this thread, or go to this github for help. In short, get CUDA9.0 cudnn7, latest anaconda, and github desktop. There will be a few other things here and there but that should get you started.

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