Lesson 1 Intro: Lesson not displaying correctly in Gradient


I have tried to follow the steps to get started with the Deep Learning for Coders course using Gradient.

I’ve followed the instructions and have noticed a couple of issues with the way the 01_intro.ipynb file displays in gradient.

  1. The upload button is not clickable, meaning I can’t upload a cat image as the course suggests.

(In picture above the button is not clickable)

  1. The graphs are rendering with no content.
    This is how the graph shows in Gradient:

This is how it shows in Jupyter:

I am new to Jupyter Notebooks and Gradient. So it may just be that this is the way it is, and I need to get used to navigating between the different versions to make sense of the material.

However, this seems like it could be difficult. So I am just wanting to check

  1. Do others have this issue too?
  2. Is it possible to fix? Have I got something wrong with my set up?

Thank you in advance for any help!

I have not specifically worked with gradient, but I have worked in other highly customized or non-jupyter based notebook environments like Databricks and have run into these types of issues. For getting the buttons to work you can search for how to get Ipywidgets working in gradient or find out if it’s possible. ipywidgets are what the buttons are based on. As for the renderings, I would just have a copy of the book notebook up and refer to them in that way. I have run into issues with them displaying correctly and it was just easier for me to reference them externally. They aren’t required for actual execution of any code so it’s not a huge deal if they don’t work. Hopefully that helps lead you in the right direction.

Hi Mat,

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply and point me in the right direction.

I did a little bit of googling and can see that others have had similar but different problems with ipywidgets and Gradient. So seems like it is a platform thing rather than my specific setup. I think it’s beyond my capability for now to figure out if there is a fix needed outside of what’s included in the tutorial.

So for now I’ll take your advice and keep progressing with two versions (Gradient and Jupyter) plus the videos.

Thanks again!

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For future searchers, the uploader widget issue was resolved in another thread in 2021. 01 Intro - file uploader "Output format ... is not supported" error - #3 by Faber