Lesson 1 In-Class Discussion ✅

Ok Thanks @dreambeats and @joshfp

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Wanted to share this. Made a utility program to notify remotely via email with model params and graphs, after training is over.

import fastai
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look at the data download part in this blog post

Added where Jeremy takes over in the video :slight_smile: thought it would help skipping long waits in the beginning

@jeremy In your notebook output, resnet34 learn.fit_one_cycle(4) took around 2 minutes in the main video notebook (using sagemaker)
While I can see, it took for you around 1 minute in the github lesson 1 notebook.

Can you please mention what was the specs for the video lesson nb training and what was for the github nb?

This could be useful for all of us as a baseline to check whether our local setup is working well.

For me I am getting much lower speed (12 min) for gtx1080ti with an old cpu (Xeon® W3503) which is running 100%, and from time to time the gpu utilization pops up from 2% to 70-90%

The 1st thing I should do is to get rid of the gpu risers that is lowering the pcie2 x16 into pcie2 x1 which is the only way to install multiple gpu for me.

For github repo I’m using a 1080ti. In the lesson it’s a V100


In the lesson it is twice as slow. V100 should be at least 1.5x faster than gtx1080ti

Do you suspect that the cpu is the bottleneck? What are the cpu specs?

SSD vs hdd has no role in training I think, right?

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Anyone facing this error while training --> https://www.evernote.com/l/AQMUf-g95YxE04J4bJ2NTNPhgMzBVdyDgWg
OS: Mac OS and installed using pip

You might want to look at this benchmark thread:

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Are you using Colab? Check this thread.

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Hi, @jeremy @rachel
I applied lesson 1 to another fine grain classification problem

And i’m getting pretty high accuracy, but the images come organised in folders where the folder names are aliases of the original names of the species. The original names are specified in a separate text file.
Is there a way to replace the class names in the data bunch with the the real names?

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Have you been able to find any documentation? I’m struggling to find the docs for “ImageDataBunch” as well.

EDIT: found it… http://docs.fast.ai/vision.data.html#class-imagedatabunch

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Hi guys, I wrote an article about my experiences learning AI over the summer, please let me know your thoughts.

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Kofi you might want to share here: :slight_smile:

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I noticed Jeremy sets up random seed in Lesson-1 will this take care of reproducibility for the weight initialization for CNN

Hi kofi. Please don’t tag Jeremy and Rachel unless other people in the forums cannot help you, see Etiquette for Posting to Forums.

Regarding your question, I think the from_func helper function would be useful. Let us know what you learn!

Well noted, thanks.

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General remark, isn’t it better to, in notebook, import fastai in that way:
import fastai as fs
Than I can type: fs., hit the tab and it give me suggestion?