Lesson 1 - ImageDataBunch Exception hurting beginners

To the developers who are maintaining the fastai library, it is a humble request to update your lesson1 and accompanying server documentation as it took me whole 2 days to complete my setup and run the notebook. I am sure you know which function I am talking about, so I am just going to leave the snippet of the exception and what I did to mitigate it.

What I did to move forward:
Removed the ds_tfms=get_transform() argument altogether.

This has been fixed, you need to use the master version of the library (build it from GitHub) until a new release is pushed

How do I build it from Github when I am using Google Colab?

I understand in the case of a local setup.

Why don’t you put it in the course documentation?

I’m not a main dev, I just know it’s been fixed :wink: also this was extremely recently and in general we want to use the main version not the dev for the course (causes a lot of headaches), this is just the one exception

!pip install git+https://github.com/fastai/fastai.git

Thank you for replying, and I agree on the headaches part.

I got it. Thank you again!