Lesson 1: Image of cat isn't showing up


I’m on lesson 1 on the part where an image of a cat is supposed to appear. Instead, this error appears:

“NameError: name ‘files’ is not defined”

My dogscats file is in my data file, I don’t know why it can’t show an image of the cat.

I’m using a VM on GCP to connect to jupyter.

I just rewrote “files” on the actual command and its working again.

I’m glad this is solved for now. For next time: you probably restartes the kernel between runs, which means you have to run all the cells again. The cell which defines files was probably ran before a kernel restart (e.g. you closed the notebook and opened it again).


Thanks, I hit the same problem, and re-running the first two set-up cells of the book did the trick :ok_hand: