Lesson 1: DataLoaders

This is on lesson 1 and I am trying to get started and stuck on confusions here. Would be great if someone could help !

  1. Confusion 1: In the DataBlock we have provided ImageBlock, CategoryBlock, get_image_files, parent_label etc but these are not objects provided. How does this work.

  2. In the first pass I am trying to run just as it but go this error ValueError: This DataLoader does not contain any batches

My colab notebook is here

Would be great if someone could help clarify

Okay, The solutions I could figure out was:

  1. the ImageBlock, CategoryBlock are objects of fastai. I will read the tutorial of documentation here : fastai - Data block tutorial

  2. Since I am working on Google Colab and mounted the drive, I should use that path.
    and the number of images should have been more. Resolving both of these I did not get an error.

To answer your first question: get_image_files, RandomSplitter, parent_label and Resize are all built-in fastai objects.