Lecture 6: what is the 3rd parameter in torch.linspace(0.05,0.95,29)?

in Lecture 6 @ 1:07:55 Jeremy discusses how the first two parameters in

xs = torch.linspace(0.05,0.95,29)

0.05 and 0.95 is the range that torch.linespace() will plot data. but what is the 29 doing in the parameter?

It’s steps - size of the constructed tensor


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@miwojc Got it!!!

One thing that I am trying to intuitively understand is that when Jeremy ran the


get ot the following graph

I however got this graph when I ran it.

When I raise the max threshold to 0.99 the curve looks like it could go higher

unclear why I am getting a different graph.

any insights would be greatly appreciated!!!

your predictions, target are different?