Learning Particle Physics by reimplementing AI-related papers

I am currently on the road to particle physics by re-implementing AI-related papers :slight_smile: . I will post my progress here and share how deep learning is being used in physics :wink: . As I progress, I will add more papers to the list :laughing:

Paper 1 :baby:: Quantum mechanics - Using a neural network to model the wave function ansatz [link] [code]

EDIT 1: Added on the road


the last two days i learned: some revision on fundamental concepts

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The last two days i learned

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What materials are you using for this?

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For particle physics, I will use this resource https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDlWMHnDwyljHjo8NfWphBDS3xMSt7bYf

I am currently working on the prerequisites and implementing papers along the way to get there. I will repeat the process for nanoscience, neuroscience, material science, astrophysics, and synthetic biology

It’s a very interesting topic, It’s a good thing that you are starting with the basics. I also have a interest in this field. Certainly i will learn something. :smiley:

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I meant - what are you using for working on the prerequisites? What materials are you showing in the above screenshots? Are they notebooks you’re creating? Are you sharing them publicly? How are you creating them?

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Sorry for the delayed response

what are you using for working on the prerequisites?

mechanics: https://projectfoundation.notion.site/Physics-I-Introduction-to-Mechanics-b907e3433de14ac1a2ed5565aa275419

electricity: https://projectfoundation.notion.site/Physics-II-Electricity-and-Magnetism-55da6b800cea45648fccbac3fa25850a

wave: https://projectfoundation.notion.site/Physics-III-Vibrations-and-Waves-96086ae549864bb9a2aee16ee978f4c3

quantum mechanics: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL65jGfVh1ilueHVVsuCxNXoxrLI3OZAPI

What materials are you showing in the above screenshots?

It’s my notes from mechanics and electricity

Are they notebooks you’re creating?

Yes, I use sympy for symbolic calculations and pint for unit conversion

Are you sharing them publicly?

Yes, all of my notes above and other notes are shared publicly.

code: GitHub - xrsrke/homework: My homework 😋
physics summary: url
mechanics summary: url
electricity summary: url
quantum mechanics summary: url
… for other notes (like deep learning, RL, NLP, chemistry…) go: url and search the name

How are you creating them?

I use Notion for notes, Miro.com for diagrams, Mathpix to convert images to LaTeX, OwlOCR to convert images to text, and ChatGPT and Perplexity.ai to search for information and learn new concepts.


The last three days I learned: high-level overview of quantum mechanics, warmed up my chemistry (going to implement ai-related nanoscience soon)

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Did you buy their annual plan?

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Nope, I purchase it monthly.

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the last three days i learned :partying_face: : how to predict physical properties of a quantum object :nazar_amulet:

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