Learning approach for the MOOC

What should be the approach for learning along with the video lectures ? I mean should I run the jupyter notebook alongside the video or after watching the whole video ? Which approach is more useful?

watch first one, it should be make clear.
also this:

@jeremy also talks what is needed for part2, which is kind of relevant IMO, because if you’re ready for part2 that means you mastered part1:

Questions to Jeremy [02:14:27]: “Your journey into Deep Learning” and “How to keep up with important research for practitioners”

“If you intend to come to Part 2, you are expected to master all the techniques er have learned in Part 1”. Here are something you can do:

Watch each of the video at least 3 times.
Make sure you can re-create the notebooks without watching the videos — maybe do so with different datasets to make it more interesting.
Keep an eye on the forum for recent papers, recent advances.
Be tenacious and keep working at it!

this is from @hiromi notes

@hiromi notes are really awesome! they are great help when learning.


Thanks, but what did you mean by: “watch first one” ? Could not understand it .

watch first lecture/lesson