Learn terminal and editor vim

Hello to all;
I would be grateful if someone could pass me the link to some conferences or courses I am not sure if from the University of Queensland, to develop knowledge on the use of the terminal and the Vim editor. I know somewhere on the Fastai website or Fastai forum I had discovered it. But at the time I didn’t bookmark it and now I can’t find those videos.
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Possibly the live coding series? Live coding 5

Links from the walk-thru

What was covered

  • pushd/popd to return script to initial folder
  • vim
    • Inserting
    • Saving & closing
    • Moving around with motions
    • Repeats, commands, and motions
    • ex (:%s, :%g, etc)
    • Using splits
  • ctags
    • Editing a particular class/function
    • Jumping to symbols and back again

If you have vim installed, type vimtutor in your terminal. That helped me learn…

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If you are new to terminal and command line, then this would be a great place to start:

Reg. vi, I learned vi the old school way, from a printed book. Today I think the official docs is a great resource:

Thanks for the resources!!!, but I’m looking for something shared on the fastai forums, on the course or directly Jeremy. They were a series of videos made at a University (possibly Queensland but not sure) The first videos were explanations for working with the terminal. The next ones with Vim. And some more topics that I don’t remember.

Hey Silvino, :wave:

In Fast AI Lecture 0 Jeremy mentioned this course by MIT?


Is that what you’re thinking of?

Oh yeah!!! Thank you!!!

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Hi Everybody
There was definitely a vi section one year and Jeremy showed how to collapse and jump around with some extensions he had. Sorry it was vi when I was younger not vim.
Regards Conwyn