Learn.metric not working during fit

learn = Learner(data_bunch, SiameseNetwork(), loss_func=BCEWithLogitsFlat())
m_pre = Precision(pos_label=0, eps=1e-7)
mrec = Recall(pos_label=0, eps=1e-7)
m_f1 = FBeta(pos_label=0, beta=1, eps=1e-7)
learn.metric = [accuracy, error_rate, m_pre, m_rec, m_f1]
learn.fit_one_cycle(4, 1e-2)

I am trying to get the following metrics when I run learn.fit_one(4,1e-2) but the metrics don’t appear when I run learn.fit_one_cycle(4, 1e-2), see below!



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