Learn.fine_tune not showing progress bar for each epoch

For some reason, I am able to execute the cell but for some reason not able to see the progress bar while learning, any suggestions or pointers ? Screenshot shown below -

Ex. of what I am referring to is shown in the image below –


Above is the notebook and the cell I am referring to …


I’ve noticed this problem recently in VS Code, but Jupiter lab / notebook, Colab and Kaggle etc still work for me

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Yeah Allen, yes, this might be problem with Jupyter notebook. Any idea how to resolve this ?

Thanks for help !

Related. fastprogress progress bar not showing · Issue #13163 · microsoft/vscode-jupyter · GitHub

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Looks like this has been fixed in the latest pre-release version: Replace just the output items when possible by DonJayamanne · Pull Request #13442 · microsoft/vscode-jupyter · GitHub

I just tried it, and the fine_tune results seem to be appearing more reliably now!