LaTeX from Jupyter, fastbook-style

Hey all! I’ve been looking through the fastbook repo, and there are lots of instances of specific formatting that look like they’re being used to parse the Jupyter notebooks to LaTeX documents (I.e. ‘.tex’ files) or some other format – is this functionality something that’s been made public in a general way?

That would be an awesome addition to something like fastpages – I could get a blog post and a chapter for a thesis all in one go, just from a Jupyter notebook! :smiley:


BTW Latex is supported in fastpages:

From the readme:

  • use_math : Set this to true to get LaTeX math equation support. This is off by default as it otherwhise loads javascript into each page that may not be used.

I am unsure if this means supporting of LaTeX documents rather than LaTeX equations. I think the OP means the former while fastpages supports the latter.

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@phinate you mean LaTeX documents are LaTex equations?

Documents, sorry!!! That’s a v important distinction :stuck_out_tongue:

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Noted as a feature request


Looks like I could do this with pandoc

I’m trying to assess how widely used such a feature would be. I’m not sure how to measure that, to be honest.


From my experience, in academia, often it’s the case that one disseminates information via pdfs, normally made with LaTeX. My supervisor, for example, has no idea what a Jupyter notebook is, so a dream scenario would be for me to do my experiments + explanation in a Jupyter notebook and automatically be able to put that into a professional-looking document via LaTeX.

Maybe that’s not that common, but imo, it would be super nice to be able to have this functionality available for an academic context.


made an account just to reply to this, which may or may be evidence that the feature would be pretty generally useful.

Another cool thing would be to be able to drop .tex document packages (what you get when you download an overleaf project for example) in a folder analogous to _notebooks and have it show up as a blog post

I will likely need some help on this if someone wants to contribute

Is there not already some kind of system in place with fastbook? There are many things in the cells that indicate that something is parsing this into the final book, which I believe uses latex

Could be! not sure how easy it is to integrate into the same system at the moment, which is also why I would welcome PRs and contributions

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I’m happy to help with this when I get some time on my hands, though I will just explicitly ask:

@jeremy , is the fastbook --> actual book (LaTeX) functionality available/hackable into nbdev/fastpages?

We haven’t released it yet @phinate


Ah, good to know! Very much look forward to it :blush:


Also very, very interesting. When do you think it would be possible to latex-convert a notebook (or a group of them)?