Latest lectures and notebooks for Computational Linear Algebra?

(Joseph Catanzarite) #1

Can someone please point to the latest lectures and notebooks for the Computational Linear Algebra course? There are two possible folders on github, and I don’t know which to use if I want to start the course. Thanks!


(Zachary Mueller) #2

Looks to be this one :slight_smile:

Though this one does not include lectures I see. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #3

Use the v1 notebooks, since v2 wasn’t recorded.


(Abhinav Verma) #4

The structure of the v2 version seems to have changed. Is it the same as v1 in a different format?


(ghanshyam) #5

Where can we find assignments for this course. Rachel has talked about homework assignments, is it available in the online course …?

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