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(Vladislav) #310

Hi everyone!
I have started to train an AWD LSTM model using v1 of fastai. While I was completely fascinated by the ease of use (it took, like, 5 lines of code to get started) and flexibility of the framework, I have been running into technical problems. I mostly use default parameters, only tweaking Adam’s betas and the learning rate, my corpus is 110 million tokens split 90/10 into train/validation. The first epoch goes on mostly fine, though memory utilization of GPU is around 99% from start, but when I start another epoch, I get Cuda OOM error. This prevents me from using cyclical learning rates. Sometimes I get OOM at the end of the first epoch. Cutting down on bptt leads to slower convergence (and probably worse outcome).
Did anyone have this problem and found a solution? My setup is a deep learning image on GCP with K80 (12Gb).