L-05: How is the moving average of momentum and RMSProp is calculated initially

Hello, I have a query related to Part-1 Lecture-5. During 1:48 mark and 1:53 mark in the video an excel sheet is shown (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uUwjwDgTvsxW7L1uPzpulGlUTaLOm8b-R_v0HIUmAvY/edit#gid=1973418598) if you click on the momentum sheet or rmsprop sheet they have this moving average in cell J3 and K3 which refers to cell J33 and K33 respectively. My question is from where is the initial value calculated are they random or what?

Thanking you.

Hope this thread would help.:slightly_smiling_face: