Kernel Dead error

Hey everyone, I’m on Lesson 1. I tried running the first cell and it’s showing me this error message

and this popup .

This is the cell I’m running

The fastai version is 2.3.0 and I’m running it on Jupyter Notebook via Paperspace.

Can anyone help?

Welcome to the fastai forums!

The warning says your system has no NVIDIA drivers, which most certainly implies you’re using a CPU instead of a GPU.

Please follow the instructions here for properly setting up Gradient for the fastai lessons.

Have a nice weekend!

Hey Bob, thanks for replying! I tried selecting a GPU and it seems like it’s not available currently.


No problem! I think in some areas, you cannot get free GPUs on-demand if they’re out of capacity. I live in Canada and didn’t get the error, although I’ve previously seen it.

I hate to be the guy who says, “Why not do this?”, but Colab also provides free GPUs and is by far the most straightforward service in its niche that I’ve encountered. I highly recommend it for quickly prototyping and following along a notebook.


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Yes! Colab’s the last resort. I tried running on it and it works perfectly! Thanks again!

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