Kaggle / Passion Projects group

Is anyone looking to join forces on Kaggle competitions or passion projects? I’m an (almost) fastai grad & finishing up my last year for my M.Sc in Data Science at the University of Michigan. Come from a heavy math / stats background and have been studying ML for the past 3 years. I’m super dedicated to this field right now and interested in collaborating with a group of individuals who share the same passion & vigor.

If you have some ideas of projects (I have many!) or want to put your skills to the test in a Kaggle comp, please reach out as I would love to chat!

  • Parker

hey, I’m interested too but just a quick disclaimer:

I am a software engineer with many years of experience but beginner when it comes to ML.
I am just at chapter 4 of the book and have a long way to go :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for following up! This is exactly how the field has prospered, by bringing interdisciplinary minds together to work harmoniously on problems!

I’m currently working on a Kaggle comp / passion projects. Can always use help & super open to new ideas. please direct message if interested!


Hey Parker!

Wow so cool that you’ve done heavy math. That’s the thing that prevented me from going full-dive into ML some 8-10 years ago. Instead went the relatively easy web-dev path ha-ha.

But now, thanks to fast.ai and ML being much more accessible - I’m back on track!

That being said, super interested in having projects run with like minded individuals.


Hey @DimensionDweller that sounds cool. I’m in a similar situation to @inigogab, my focus is mainly in software engineering but I’ve been playing around with ML for a while and I think it’d be cool to collaborate on some small(ish?) projects with a few like minded people.

Feel free to PM me!

Hi @DimensionDweller ,

I will be pursuing my 1-year MS in Data Science from Boston University this summer. I have experience in Data Science and have been working in the field with traditional ML for the last 3 years and have domain experience in Finance, Risk modeling and Tech industries.

Coming to deeplearning, I have mostly theoretical knowledge and planning to participate in Kaggle. currently pursuing fastai Part1 course. Would be super interested to join forces for Kaggle.

Feel free to PM


My interest is in exploring how image2image diffusion can be used in a zero-shot setting to do outlier detection. The domain I am interested in is medical images, specifically of the brain. If that also interests you, we could look together.

Hi @DimensionDweller I’m interested! Special interest in language and NLP.