Kaggle Housing Competition

This thread is for any questions regarding the Kaggle “House Prices” Competition.

Hello all! I’m having a ever-persistant problem with the Housing Competition. I use OneHot encoding (pd.get_dummies) to convert the data into all numbers. A CSV file of the converted data can be found below in the DropBox. However, upon using model.fit, I get 0% accuracy (image posted below). I then go on to doing predictions (Test), and the MatPlotLib graph indicates that my model is predicting the same number every time!

Any help in solving this problem is very much appreciated - all pictures and files (data/CSV/ipynb) can be found below!

DropBox Files
Click Here to Access DropBox Folder

HousePrices.csv - Original Data - Also available for download on Kaggle website
EditedHousePrices (1).csv - OneHot Encoded Data
HousePrices.ipynb - Python Notebook of the Code

Images of Compiled Code: