Kaggle competition prohibiting internet use; can't use FastAI V2

I’m in a Kaggle competition, and I’m using FastAI, but Kaggle doesn’t natively have V2 installed, so I installed it using !pip install git+https://github.com/fastai/fastai, but when I go to submit, it says

"Cannot submit

Your Notebook cannot use internet access in this competition. Please disable internet in the Notebook editor and save a new version."

Should I try to get Kaggle to update their native version of FastAI?

Opened a pull request: https://github.com/Kaggle/docker-python/pull/878

Hopefully it gets approved in time to use it for the competition :slight_smile: if not, I’ll do the extra work of going into the FastAI source code and rewrite my Kaggle notebook in PyTorch, but who wants to do extra work if you can just open a PR :wink:

You shouldn’t have to :slight_smile: You can use the latest version of fastai if you upload it as a dataset. I just updated the one I was using for a prior competition (which also required the internet to be off) to the latest version.

Here is the link to the fastai_offline dataset

And here is a quick user guide on how to use it.

Hope that helps.

If you pin your Kaggle Notebook to the latest available environment (docker image) then you should find that FastAI 2.0 is installed by default. Hopefully that help!

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Yep, looks like my PR went through as Paul and I discussed on the Kaggle forum: https://www.kaggle.com/product-feedback/186005

Thank you both!

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