JupyterLab + fastai2?

Anyone successfully used JupyterLab for fastai2?

I always used plain Jupyter Notebooks but as the visual debugging in JupyterLab was just announced this makes me interested to switch to JupyterLab!


Yes, there are a couple of posts in ‘Setup Colab’ where Jupyterlab is being used.

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Hi @miwojc,

Theres a thread and some YT videos by @slawekbiel on debugging fastai2 code
using the Jupyterlab debugger in this link

I myself tried but couldn’t step through the source but maybe that was because I didn’t use the development install for the fastai2 library.

I know @slawekbiel had a problem with training the model because using the debugger requires a different jupyter kernel (xeus-python) from the one we usually use (ipykernel) but he could set breakpoints in fastai2 and step through it.



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Thanks will check what Sławek did. I tried set this up in paperspace gradient platfrom but didn’t succed due to xeus kernel.