Jupyter Widgets for NLP annoaations - ipyannotate

Has anyone had any experience of using ipyannotate (https://github.com/ipyannotate/ipyannotate) ? It’s a fairly nifty looking jupyter widget for text annotation and would be super useful if I could just get the javascript to run in the notebook.

Check this out:

Failing that, does anyone have any experience with using npm and JS to build nbextensions from scratch. The source code is available and it should be possible to get it to run.



BTW - Got it to work if anyone feels like trying it out:

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That’s pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

Do you know which kinds of annotation tasks are supported? I see the one you demonstrated is binary span classification. I would be interested in multi-label text classification.

Here are the docs: https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/natasha/ipyannotate/blob/master/docs/index.ipynb

It does multi-label text classification: