Jupyter plugin to fix mislabeled data

In one of the videos (can’t remember if it was 2019 Deep Learning or 2018 Machine Learning), Jeremy showed a tool that one of the study groups had created to remove mislabeled data (it showed you a bunch and you clicked on the ones that were labeled wrong).

I’m working with one of my own datasets now and noticed that many of the “errors” in plot_top_losses are actually mislabeled in my dataset. I’ve been searching the web and this forum for a link to that plugin but can’t find it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Found it! Looks like it is built into fastai and was FileDeleter and is now ImageDeleter and ImageRelabeler

More info here:

Edit: And looks like they’ve since been refactored into widgets.image_cleaner

Update: after fiddling around with this for way too long, I wanted to report back to say that the step the docs take about creating a new learner using .no_split() and loading it with your saved weights is actually very important. I was getting non-sensical loss values and showing seemingly random images prior to doing that (I think because it was trying to use DatasetType.Fix internally).