Jupyter Notebook

Does anybody know any good tutorials to learn Jupyter Notebook online?
Kindly share. I know Python programming but I haven’t used Jupyter Notebook before

Hey! Welcome to the Jupyter family. While I don’t have a tutorial resource for jupyter notebooks, I do have some tips:

  • Getting started, it’s best to practice typing (edit mode) and running/add/removing cells (command mode). A simple way to practice this would be to take one of fastai’s course notebooks, e.g. 05_pet_breeds.ipynb. And practice replicating it yourself!
  • Check out the Keyboard Shortcuts menu and get familiar with things like these command-mode shortcuts.
    • CTRL-Enter to run a cell
    • CTRL-Enter to run a cell and drop to the next one
    • A to add new cell above
    • B to add new cell below
    • X to delete a cell and add to clipboard (cut)
    • C to copy a cell
    • P to paste a cell
    • etc
  • Always keep in mind to keep your notebooks organized! One of the best ways to do this is to get familiar with Collapsible Headers, which can be installed through nbextensions

The more you code with these, the more familiar you’ll get with them over time :slight_smile: The fastai course material is a great starting point, you’re in the right place!


There’s a helpful fastai jupyter notebook introduction :slight_smile: