Jupyter notebook to preview variables/types?

Is there an easy way to preview local variables/types/values within notebooks?

I finding myself typing ‘print’ too often to accomplish that.



Have you tried the TAB and SHIFT-TAB shortcuts when typing out a variable?

I think for you to be able to get any sort of intellisense, you will have to declare said variables in an previously executed cell.

Thank you.
I meant more about quickly previewing variable’ values and types, rather then intellisense.

I got you.

If you leave it hanging at the bottom of a cell, your variable, Jupyter notebook should display the value after you execute the cell. You only need to include the print("") statement if you are printing it out from anywhere else in the cell.

Alternatively you can define a variable at the top of your notebook … something like: print_debug = True | False. Then you can do something like this anywhere in your code where you may want to print out a variables values:

if (print_debug):

That will at least give you a nice way to turn these print statements off/on as desired.