Jupyter notebook looks different on Colab?

This is what I see for my jupyter notebook on Colab, which is different from one that’s shown on fast.ai lesson 1. Is this ok?

Yes, Colab has their own version of jupyter :slight_smile:

Yes. The shortcut keys are very different. Be aware of that something like widgets(e.g. in the note book of downloading lesson 2) are not working.

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Thank you so much for all the replies! Any workarounds for the widgets?

I don’t think there is a way to work around it now. I will switch back to Jupyter Notebook in my Win10 box, which can be very slow. I also tried virtual machine with Ubuntu, but GPU is not working well. For this one I don’t think the speed is crucial.

I just encountered this problem too. Have you tried Paperspace Gradient? It appears to be regular Jupyter Notebook, versus Colab, which is a customized flavor of JupyterLab, if I understand correctly.

@muellerzr Will Paperspace Gradient support all of the features required to complete fastai part 1 v3?

I, too, need a cloud GPU to complete these lessons.

They charge storage and I was not able to get the coupon/discount before the deadline Jan 2020. Or else I’ll try gradient. BTW, I would like to learn a bit cloud computing. One of the fun thing in fastai is I found that I need to learn different tools and keep expand my horizon of different disciplines. :slight_smile: