Jupyter notebook loads and works but it's incomplete / cut off

Hi, I’m working now on the rossmann.ipynb as part of tlesson 3 on embedding.

I’m having a weird error where the notebook loads but only up to about the first 100 lines, and it doesn’t show the rest of the notebook (that is at the original github source: https://github.com/fastai/fastai/blob/master/courses/dl1/lesson3-rossman.ipynb)

I’ve performed git pull to make sure my machine’s files are up to date and checked/traced the link to confirm it is pulling from the same github repository that I linked above, so I believe the file is complete. Something seems to be wrong with the Jupyter notebook program though in that it doesn’t load the whole file. I also successfully uninstalled and reinstalled (pip install notebook == 5.6.0), but that didn’t fix the issue. See screen shots below.

What I get on my machine:

What I should get (from the github site):

You can see that my file ends roughly 1/3 of the way into the full github file. Not sure why this is happening. Thanks!


sorry ignore the right side of the screen shot with my email. rookie mistake. the left hand side screenshots are the ones I wanted to insert (no harm done though as far as I can tell, but it won’t let me edit the post now;).

I ended up doing a hard reset on git and that worked, see here: