Jupyter Notebook Internal Server Error

Hey guys, I’ve been trying for the life of me to run lesson1.ipynb in a Conda environment but I cannot get it to go.

The issue is starting with running:
import utils; reload(utils)
from utils import plots
I get: ImportError: No module named bcolz

So I installed the bcolz package into my conda virtual environment, double checked it’s there by running conda list and then started up my Jupyter Notebook server. I still get the error even after I restarted the terminal, I restarted my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled the bcolz package.

When I further investigated the “Conda” tab at the top of the Jupyter homepage, and clicked on it I receive this:

Any idea what is happening? I feel like I’ve tried everything in the past few hours.

Probably the first thing I would do is open a python3 console in terminal ( not a jupyter one ) and try

import bcolz

I tried that as well (with Python 2) and it all worked: