Jupyter Notebook hosted on Low-cost AWS spot instances

AWS spot GPU instances are a pretty good option for the fast.ai classes.Their p2.xlarge spot instance (K80 GPU, 4 CPU, 60GB RAM) is usually priced at only $0.3/hr, 3x cheaper than the normal p2.xlarge instance. We tested it out but seems like there’re a few problems with hosting jupyter notebook on spot instances

  1. configuring ssh forwarding for jupyter notebook is an overhead for some classmates.
  2. the spot instances get shut down from time to time and we could lose our code & whole environment setup.

Hosting jupyter notebook on AWS spot instances is supposed to be easy for everyone! We built a few things around AWS optimized for fast.ai course materials:

  1. a low-cost persistent storage connected to your spot instance so even if it gets stopped, your code, data and course setup is still there.
  2. a task scheduling system to re-schedule the jupyter notebook on spot instance automatically when there’s spot interruption.

You can check out more details here in this blog http://blog.snark.ai/posts/2019-02-24-jupyter_on_spot.html. Let me know how we can improve the service.