Jupiter Notebook not in fresh install

I created for my self a new environment so I can write the notebooks from scratch. However when tried to run jupyter notebook it can’t be found.

conda update conda
conda create -n p2v3 python=3.7
conda activate p2v3
conda install -c pytorch pytorch-cpu torchvision
conda install -c fastai fastai
conda install nbconvert
conda install fire -c condo-forge
conda list | grep jupyter > only returns jupiter_core 4.4.0
(p2v3) As-MacBook-Pro:fastai Dodger$ conda install -c fastai fastai
Collecting package metadata: done
Solving environment: done

## Package Plan ##

  environment location: /home/user/anaconda3/envs/p2v3

  added / updated specs:
    - fastai

The following packages will be downloaded:

    package                    |            build
    beautifulsoup4-4.7.1       |           py37_1         143 KB
    bottleneck-1.2.1           |   py37h1d22016_1         113 KB
    cryptography-2.6.1         |   py37ha12b0ac_0         583 KB
    cycler-0.10.0              |           py37_0          14 KB
    cymem-2.0.2                |   py37h04f5b5a_0          30 KB
    cytoolz-            |   py37h1de35cc_1         344 KB
    dataclasses-0.6            |             py_0          19 KB  fastai
    dill-0.2.9                 |           py37_0         116 KB
    fastai-1.0.50.post1        |                1         161 KB  fastai
    fastprogress-0.1.20        |             py_0          13 KB  fastai
    kiwisolver-1.0.1           |   py37h0a44026_0          56 KB
    matplotlib-3.0.3           |   py37h54f8f79_0         6.6 MB
    msgpack-numpy-      |           py37_0          14 KB
    msgpack-python-0.6.1       |   py37h04f5b5a_1          85 KB
    murmurhash-1.0.2           |   py37h0a44026_0          24 KB
    numexpr-2.6.9              |   py37h7413580_0         130 KB
    packaging-19.0             |           py37_0          37 KB
    pandas-0.24.2              |   py37h0a44026_0         9.9 MB
    plac-0.9.6                 |           py37_0          36 KB
    preshed-2.0.1              |   py37h0a44026_0          63 KB
    pyparsing-2.3.1            |           py37_0         105 KB
    python-dateutil-2.8.0      |           py37_0         281 KB
    pytz-2018.9                |           py37_0         268 KB
    pyyaml-5.1                 |   py37h1de35cc_0         169 KB
    regex-2018.01.10           |py37h1de35cc_1000         324 KB  fastai
    scipy-1.2.1                |   py37h1410ff5_0        15.6 MB
    soupsieve-1.8              |           py37_0         104 KB
    spacy-2.0.18               |py37h0a44026_1000        51.1 MB  fastai
    thinc-6.12.1               |py37h1702cab_1000         1.3 MB  fastai
    toolz-0.9.0                |           py37_0          91 KB
    tornado-6.0.1              |   py37h1de35cc_0         640 KB
    tqdm-4.31.1                |             py_0          47 KB
    typing-3.6.4               |           py37_0          45 KB
    ujson-1.35                 |   py37h1de35cc_0          25 KB
    wrapt-1.10.11              |   py37h1de35cc_2          41 KB
                                           Total:        88.6 MB

The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:

  asn1crypto         pkgs/main/osx-64::asn1crypto-0.24.0-py37_0
  beautifulsoup4     pkgs/main/osx-64::beautifulsoup4-4.7.1-py37_1
  bottleneck         pkgs/main/osx-64::bottleneck-1.2.1-py37h1d22016_1
  chardet            pkgs/main/osx-64::chardet-3.0.4-py37_1
  cryptography       pkgs/main/osx-64::cryptography-2.6.1-py37ha12b0ac_0
  cycler             pkgs/main/osx-64::cycler-0.10.0-py37_0
  cymem              pkgs/main/osx-64::cymem-2.0.2-py37h04f5b5a_0
  cytoolz            pkgs/main/osx-64::cytoolz-
  dataclasses        fastai/noarch::dataclasses-0.6-py_0
  dill               pkgs/main/osx-64::dill-0.2.9-py37_0
  fastai             fastai/noarch::fastai-1.0.50.post1-1
  fastprogress       fastai/noarch::fastprogress-0.1.20-py_0
  idna               pkgs/main/osx-64::idna-2.8-py37_0
  kiwisolver         pkgs/main/osx-64::kiwisolver-1.0.1-py37h0a44026_0
  matplotlib         pkgs/main/osx-64::matplotlib-3.0.3-py37h54f8f79_0
  msgpack-numpy      pkgs/main/osx-64::msgpack-numpy-
  msgpack-python     pkgs/main/osx-64::msgpack-python-0.6.1-py37h04f5b5a_1
  murmurhash         pkgs/main/osx-64::murmurhash-1.0.2-py37h0a44026_0
  numexpr            pkgs/main/osx-64::numexpr-2.6.9-py37h7413580_0
  nvidia-ml-py3      fastai/noarch::nvidia-ml-py3-7.352.0-py_0
  packaging          pkgs/main/osx-64::packaging-19.0-py37_0
  pandas             pkgs/main/osx-64::pandas-0.24.2-py37h0a44026_0
  plac               pkgs/main/osx-64::plac-0.9.6-py37_0
  preshed            pkgs/main/osx-64::preshed-2.0.1-py37h0a44026_0
  pyopenssl          pkgs/main/osx-64::pyopenssl-19.0.0-py37_0
  pyparsing          pkgs/main/osx-64::pyparsing-2.3.1-py37_0
  pysocks            pkgs/main/osx-64::pysocks-1.6.8-py37_0
  python-dateutil    pkgs/main/osx-64::python-dateutil-2.8.0-py37_0
  pytz               pkgs/main/osx-64::pytz-2018.9-py37_0
  pyyaml             pkgs/main/osx-64::pyyaml-5.1-py37h1de35cc_0
  regex              fastai/osx-64::regex-2018.01.10-py37h1de35cc_1000
  requests           pkgs/main/osx-64::requests-2.21.0-py37_0
  scipy              pkgs/main/osx-64::scipy-1.2.1-py37h1410ff5_0
  soupsieve          pkgs/main/osx-64::soupsieve-1.8-py37_0
  spacy              fastai/osx-64::spacy-2.0.18-py37h0a44026_1000
  thinc              fastai/osx-64::thinc-6.12.1-py37h1702cab_1000
  toolz              pkgs/main/osx-64::toolz-0.9.0-py37_0
  tornado            pkgs/main/osx-64::tornado-6.0.1-py37h1de35cc_0
  tqdm               pkgs/main/noarch::tqdm-4.31.1-py_0
  typing             pkgs/main/osx-64::typing-3.6.4-py37_0
  ujson              pkgs/main/osx-64::ujson-1.35-py37h1de35cc_0
  urllib3            pkgs/main/osx-64::urllib3-1.24.1-py37_0
  wrapt              pkgs/main/osx-64::wrapt-1.10.11-py37h1de35cc_2
  yaml               pkgs/main/osx-64::yaml-0.1.7-hc338f04_2

Proceed ([y]/n)? y

You need to install it separately

conda install jupyter

It is not included in fastai dependencies

Thanks for that I’ve been so used to it all being there I just thought something had been forgotten. Anyway I note the extensions are not there either. I’ll have to read the docs more carefully… Thanks