Jupiter notebook - command mode

When I am in command mode and hit “h”, I do not get a list of keyboard shortcuts. Would you know what I am doing wrong, please?



What do you observe?

In case it helps, this is what I see by:

  1. Press Escape
  2. Press "h"

(sometimes I have to double press the key in command mode).


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Thanks for your response, Diogo.

Here is a screen capture of what I observe in edit mode and command mode:

Edit mode

Command mode

I press sscape, and after pressing the “h” key multiple times, the keyboard shortcut menu still does not display.

Thanks again for taking the time.

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Ah I think I see the problem. This got me in the past too!
You are using Jupyter Lab, which is very similar but not the same as Jupyter Notebook. I’m not sure if it has this shortcut…

shift + tab for tooltip help and
ctrl + i for contextual help
should still work.

Are you using Gradient or did you set it up yourself?
If your own machine, try run with jupyter notebook instead of jupyter-lab

EDIT: I actually use VSCode’s notebook capabilities. They’re not quite the same either, but I like it (and avoids me learning yet another editor, since I code in multiple languages)

Thanks for the prompt response.

I am using Gradient.

I guess on Gradient; you only have access to Jupyter - lab (last reddish icon on the left vertical menu bar). Should I be using a Jupyter notebook instead?

Unfortunately, the shortcut keys you provided for Jupyter lab do not appear to work.

Thanks again for your assistance.

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Jupyter Lab is also good, but different. I was using Gradient too and like it :grinning:

Ah yes, I wasn’t clear, those shortcuts are used in different contexts (but suggested in the book/course, that’s why I mentioned).

Try pressing them when in edit mode with the text marker on a function.
I’m on the phone and cannot record now, but I did create a TikTok in the past, with these tips… https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMN6kTSw3/?k=1

It was done on Gradient too :smile:

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