Join us in person in October for part 1! (SF)

We’re teaching a new version of part 1, starting Oct 30th at USF. . I hope some of you will be able to join us! Apply via the link above.

(We plan to have an international fellowship program as well, although applications are not open for that yet.)


Would we be able to join remotely via teleconference?

Yes, that’s how the ‘international fellowship’ I mentioned (roughly) works.


Thanks jeremy. my bad, wasnt aware that it was called the international fellowship

I’ve just learnt that this course is filling up much faster than last year - so please be sure to apply as soon as you can so that none of you misses out!

Any idea when the international fellowship applications will open?

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I’m interested in joining part 1 but can’t be available in person. Is there an update on when the applications for international fellowship open up? Additionally, will part 1 be revamped to use TensorFlow and Keras? Thank You!


I am working on this part 1 Mooc for past 2 Months currently, I am in the lesson 4, with almost completing all the assignment (recently submitted 2 submissions in the State Farm Driver Distraction which took me to 600th place so far trying to get into the bronze zone at least) and I am pretty confident about the approaches and ideas presented by Jermy (Thanks to my master). Is it a good idea to join the upcoming part 1 course through an international fellowship or continue on my MOOC study up to the end of part 2?