Job sites for data scientists

Hi everybody,

What are some recommended job websites for those of us that are looking for deep learning / data science jobs?

Or, if you’ve transitioned into a ML/DL job recently, please share your experience!


In my personal experience in Israel and talks from friends in US, best way to find job is through networking. I’m using LinkedIn and it gives me 90% of phone interviews.
I have 3 years of engineering and not wast coding experience, but I find, that not many people understand this field and it is treated like subset of computer science, at least from my humble interview experience. Most of people ask coding questions, because they have expertise there and judge you by your coding skills.
For example in Israel there is a website with list of open positions, but non of them didn’t yield phone calls for me. But LinkedIn with job poster info and real person to follow up questions give much better result for me.
Hope it helps, and good luck!

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Besides some obvious resources like the larger tech job sites or LinkedIn and networking, a good resource to check out might be - it covers jobs in AI / Data Science exclusively.

UPDATE: For those interested more in remote Data Science positions, and are also worth checking out.