Job Posting: Developer Advocate / "Tech Evangelist"

I’m a machine learning engineer at ZenML, an open-source company based in Munich (Germany) building a tool to help data scientists create reproducible pipelines for machine learning.

I first got interested in data science and machine learning through fastai and the course here. I transitioned from a career in history to my current position at ZenML in part through the things I learned in the forums and while working on the course. I still have a lot to learn, both about software engineering and machine learning, but I’m learning a ton on the job as I go.

We’re currently hiring for a developer advocate position and you can view the position here:

There’s more on our hiring / careers process here. I would say that ZenML is probably a good place for someone to end up following a non-traditional career path. We have various people like me with diverse career paths and backgrounds and this position would be a great way to deepen your involvement with a growing open-source community and project in the MLOps space.

Full details on how to apply and so on are in the link above. Look forward to maybe hearing from some of you in the form of applications, and please do let us know that you heard about the post in the fastai forums if you do end up applying!

P.S. The open-source tool that we work on is called ZenML and you can learn more about it at our website or (better yet) over on Github.

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