Jarvislabs GPU ⛅️ + $100 credit

Hi :wave: everyone

I am super excited to be part of the amazing fastai course. I love to invite you to try out Jarvislabs, which we have been working for more than 2 years. Jarvislabs makes it super simple to launch a GPU and CPU powered instances in few clicks.

Every instance comes with:

  • Access to Jupyterlab & VScode
  • Pause/Resume instances, scale storage & GPU as required
  • Launch Gradio/Streamlit apps similar to this dino app
  • SSH access
  • Manage teams
  • Different frameworks like PyTorch, Fastai, StableDiffusion, Tensorflow or use any docker image.

We support some of the modern Nvidia GPUs like

GPU vCPUS Ram Reserved Spot
RTX 5000 - 16GB 7 32GB $0.49/hr $0.19/hr
A5000 - 24GB 7 32GB $ 0.59/hr $0.39/hr
A6000 - 48GB 7 32GB $ 0.99/hr $0.59/hr
A100 - 40GB 7 32GB $ 1.29/hr $0.79/hr

About Jarvislabs: Jarvislabs was started by me along with my friends. We are a team of 3.5 (my wife works part-time, as we have a cutie kid to take care of), bootstrapped, and based out of a small beautiful town in India.

We launched our earlier version in early 2021 and have been fortunate enough to have some of our early adopters from the fastai community. The feedback from the community and other users has helped us come a long way, I still remember waiting for our 1st recharge :star_struck:.

We would love to play a small role in your DL journey.

Credits We would love to offer you a credit of $100, to get the credits simply drop an email to hello@jarvislabs.ai with your fastai profile and a subject line of “fastai-part2”. Do not forget to signup here before sending us the email.

If you need any assistance or have suggestions while using the platform, you can simply ping us using the chat option available on the website. You can also tag me in the forums.

If you have any questions regarding Jarvislabs or our journey, would love to answer them.

The credits are available till the course is made public.


Thank you Vishnu for your generous offer and your support for the fast.ai community! much appreciated!


That’s a very generous offer, thank you, Vishnu!

I can recommend Jarvislabs, I’ve been using it again in the last weeks and am very happy. The team is also quick to reply if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Great stuff @VishnuSubramanian - thank you!


I agree! Jarvislabs is my favorite :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’d recommend everyone take advantage of the offer and give this platform a shot.

I’ve been using it for quite a while and find it’s great to work with. Long enough I might even count as one of the early adopters!

I can do everything I need to do in a very simple way with just a few clicks. Which is awesome cause it means I can get to the stuff I actually like doing faster and spend more time on things I find fun :slight_smile:


Thanks, Mike we owe our success to the community. As a first-time founder, it’s not easy to get started without the push from a community.

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Thanks for supporting us :blush:.

Thank you so much, Jeremy Howard, I have been learning a lot from you, I always tell my friends & family that fastai is more than a course to me.

Jarvislabs is where it is today, because of the learnings and friendly community.

Thanks for building this for all of us. :pray::pray:


Thank you so much for supporting and sharing valuable feedback from time to time.

You are very special to us and you have played a very crucial role in our journey. You are more of a friend and well-wisher to us.