Issues with Render

I am trying to deploy my first project, “Classify images of Indian sarees”. I successfully forked the starter app into my Github account. I made changes to the to ensure it reflects the classes correctly and the url for my export.pkl file. I also modified the index.html.

Earlier, I had created a webservice that threw a few warnings, but at least opened the webpage at the specified url, see below, where I used Jeremy’s bear image classification code (just changed the url for the model).
That did not work very well. It just hung up when I clicked on Analyse and threw some errors in the error log.

But my new project, failed even to deploy. It threw some errors regarding Python3.7. See the image below:

I did not touch those lines of code in, where the errrors are stemming from. Any ideas on what is going wrong here?

Appreciate your help!