Issues with import of CV2 on mac OS X 10.11.6

Possible no one has come across this issue. From the environment.yml script pip install opencv-python installs version However this version that gets installed is for mac OS X 10.12. The error message at cv2 import reports that the libraries install are for OS X 10.12

As Apple machines of a certain age can’t upgrade to OS X 10.12 the version required for opencv-python is as follows

pip install opencv-python==

I found this while trying the tutorials in the directory of that name under fastai. I use this box for simple experiments and fact finding. Yeah Apple what a web we weave!!!

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I opened a similar issue Running lesson1 with fastai-cpu - Symbol not found: _clock_gettime . I think the answer was to either upgrade your OS, or wait for a new version of opencv-python (I think its already fixed and just waiting on a release). I followed your solution to install

Thanks !

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This should be a error on your OS X version update. Most probably some vital files may be missed. Please update the OS correctly.