Issue with Kaggle Dataset + Colab/Google Drive

When I try to download the planets dataset from Kaggle into my drive I get the following issue. It somehow can’t handle the space in “My Drive”. Could you tell me how to fix that?

path = Path(base_dir + 'data/planet')
path.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)

PosixPath(’/content/gdrive/My Drive/fastai-v3/data/planet’)

! kaggle competitions download -c planet-understanding-the-amazon-from-space -f train-jpg.tar.7z -p {path}  
! kaggle competitions download -c planet-understanding-the-amazon-from-space -f train_v2.csv -p {path}  
! unzip -q -n {path}/ -d {path}

404 - Not Found
404 - Not Found
unzip: cannot find or open /content/gdrive/My, /content/gdrive/ or /content/gdrive/My.ZIP.

Have you followed all the steps as in this guide link.

@burney47 you can use some tools like floydhub or to get rid of these challenges. It gives very cool and clean integration.

You have to put quotes around any arguments with spaces on the linux command line. So try:

! unzip -q -n "{path}/" -d "{path}"

(Note that {path} is expanded before the command is passed to the linux shell so your original version is like trying to execute unzip -q -n /content/gdrive/My Drive/fastai-v3/data/planet/ -d /content/gdrive/My Drive/fastai-v3/data/planet)


thanks! that worked

Did you solve the 404?

You have to download it. Search it on the forum that someone has uploaded it on Google drive and shared it for you.:hugs:

Hi DL Team,

I am getting “404 not found” and “unzip command not recognized” error on my local Jupyter notebook.

Kindly guide on this.

@all and sundry: Any update on this?